Naturally Canadian Superfoods Inc. (NCSF) provides premium quality Superfood products to consumers and to our retail partners. We continually source unique natural & organic skin care, food and supplement products that make a difference for today’s consumer.

Superfoods for now and for the future.

The Only Real Aloe Vera

Feel the Healing Touch of Hawaii

Canadian Made Premium Aloe Vera

Naturally Canadian Superfoods Inc. is focused on providing premium quality Superfood products to the retail consumer as well as to our retail partners through our bulk buying programs with our valued manufacturers.

We are continually sourcing unique natural and organic food, drug and supplement products that will make a difference for today’s consumer as well as trending products for the future.

Currently our top product lines are premium USA made Aloe Vera essentials as well as an Ultimate Aloe Vera Canadian made program that was born out of the need to service the demand due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

We offer products that are available all online and delivered to your door through our logistical partners. We are passionate about superfood products and are continually sourcing superfoods in all health, beauty and skincare categories.

Retail partners

Our products are available at fine health Food Stores across Canada.

Ask for our products at your local store.

our story

Long standing Experience and solid strategic partnerships enable us to act as a manufacturer, importer and distributor of product and services. All products carry a satisfaction guarantee. Our customers can be assured of receiving products that are manufactured with strict quality controls and clearly defined expiry dates.

After 20 years of working with Costco Wholesale in building their big box strategy, Randy Rosenhek founded Naturally Canadian Superfoods Inc in 2011 and had a plan to provide the Canadian marketplace with superfood products that were only available outside of Canada.

His first meeting was with the Realaloe company in San Diego California and he toured the aloe fields, the manufacturing plant and coordinated the formula and packing for submission to Health Canada for importation into Canada.

As time progressed, many additional product lines were added and the connection to distributors and natural product brokers was solidified. Naturally Canadian Superfoods Inc is a family company and is motivated to keep providing essential product offerings in the the natural and organic market place to Canadian retailers and consumers.

Message from our President

We take our business responsibilities very seriously and will always be looking to put our systems to the test to have long term customers working with us.

We are excited to showcase our new company web site and reinforced corporate attitude. 

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